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    Our Recipe Builder contains two recipe creation tables. One will help you create recipe for your hair, and the other - for your skin.
  • The top row of each table shows individual types and needs of your skin or hair.
  • The left column shows the ingredients used in our vast collection of beauty recipes. You can use them as building blocks to create your own personal beauty formula.
  • Click on the hair or skin care category at the top row. Checkmarks that will appear in the chart will point you to the compatible natural ingredients that answer that specific beauty need.
  • Mouse over the ingredient to receive more details about its properties and benefits.
  • Experiment with mixtures and textures, as well as proportions of your ingredients. You might find it helpful to check out several NatuREcipes to see how the ingredients interact with each other and combine into a well-mixed, easy-to-work-with formula.

Enjoy creating recipes that exactly match your needs from the ingredients you currently have!

Skin Rejuvenating Normal Skin Oily Skin Dry Skin Sensitive Skin
Anise Essential Oil
Chamomile Flowers
Dandelion Leaves
Egg White
Sea Salt

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