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Heather Flowers Hair Rinse
(oily hair natural care)

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Green Tea Hair Conditioner Hemp Seed Oil Hair Cleanser

I always liked to use natural, organic products for my hair and body. There are many home remedies out there that work wonders and others that aren’t as amazing. I stumbled across the Mustard Mask. When I applied the mixture onto my hair it began to burn my scalp badly. The mustard in t... More
by Barbara H.

I had suffered from oily skin for years and due to the fact that my skin was so oily I would suffer from break outs all the time. I have always been an organic person so I tried to find the products that worked, and found this amazing Tomato and Grape Wrap that takes about five minutes to p... More
by Sharon R.

I had come across a very simple foot soak which included three simple ingredients: water, milk and a lemon. Now I though it doesn’t get any simpler than this. I had soon ended up trying it out on my feet. No the results weren’t instant and my feet weren’t silky smooth after the first... More
by Pattie B.

My grandmother never let a product go to waste. Even if it was used she would find a way that she would be able to reuse. My grandmother always had very soft hands and it always felt like holding a babies hand. One day I noticed her taking the ground brewed coffee and she then proceeded t... More
by Ann K.

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