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Ghassoul Clay & Grape Face Mask
(rejuvenating, hydrating, and deep cleansing skin care)

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Fruit Juice Skin Moisturizing Mask Grape Seed Powder Facial Mask

My mother always took the time out during the day to take her of herself. She would work, cook and clean on a daily basis but there was an hour devoted on a daily basis to creating a near spa treatment for herself. My mom never had that much money to go out and splurge her money on expensi... More
by Laura K.

I tried this amazing remedy which uses Aloe Vera Leaf, Cognac, Egg yolk and Olive Oil. All I did was mix the ingredients together, applied it to my hair and let it stay for as long as was necessary. Now, few weeks since I started using the remedy, my hair is healthy and has never shined as... More
by Alina G.

Wonderful website! Lots of useful information! Bravo! Svetlana.
by Svetlana B.

As a teenager black heads and pimples are a big problem for me. After using the Oatmeal Scrub the first day I saw that my skin became softer as well as more energized. Within a few weeks I noticed that my black heads and pimples began to disappear. My skin now is soft and healthy. I now ... More
by Kristina L.

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